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Archive date:  November 22, 2013

I Got Nothing

33% off trees and perennials extended for one week

I got nothing. You can refer to it as writer's block. It could be that I'm suffering from a lack of imagination. It could just be that I'm getting old. I am 57. Because I'm 57, and you know I'm 57, you probably expect me to talk about the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. I'm not. I'm not going to mention Dealey Plaza, the triple overpass, the Texas School Book Depository or the grassy knoll. It goes without saying that I won't mention Lee Harvey Oswald. I have no thoughts with regard to Jack Ruby. You can forget about the Warren Commission. Perhaps I've simply watched the Zapruder film too many times; ’cause I got nothing.


I could be spending this time discussing some of the finer points of gardening. Regrettably, I'm feeling horticulturally inarticulate. Fortunately, I don't seem to be in a state of pitiful and incomprehensible demoralization over it. I got nothing. I should at least mention the fact that the weather really wasn't very good last weekend. I ought to at least bring up the point that a lot of people did not have the opportunity to shop during our sale last week. I'm not going to do that.


It would have been a good time for me to let you know we have decided to extend the 33% off sale on all trees (excluding conifers) and all perennials. Additionally, this would be the time when I would let you know that we will not be extending the sale on pansies; we have sold out. It would not be unusual for me to mention that, like the pansies, the trees and perennials are selling fast, so don't delay! But I'm not going to say that. I am completely drawing a blank. I am pretty sure I'm missing a great chance here.


Were I in my right mind, I would let you know, this is our last Sunday to be open for the fall season. Alas, I have missed this opportunity. I got nothing.


David Bates