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Archive date:  November 15, 2013

Making the Turn

Save 33% on trees, perennials and pansies!

The arrival of mid-November brings the expected change in the weather. The ever-shorter days we are experiencing only accentuate the reality: Winter is drawing near. Just saying the word "winter" makes many cringe. It's not so much that I enjoy the really cold temperatures, I have however, come to appreciate the seasonal deviations.


I don't know about you, but I still have a lot of leaves to get up. I always enjoy the final result; it's just getting to the final result that I have a problem with. I live on a corner lot, at the low end of the street. Between the North wind and gravity, it seems as though half the leaves on our street make their way to our front curb… and stop. And that is probably the worst thing I can say about where we live. I am grateful to have luxury problems such as that.


So, we collectively make the turn towards winter. Fortunately, the actual beginning of winter is still more than a month away. Our weather is still pleasant and it’s still a great time to plant! As we began to contemplate our transition for winter, it becomes apparent: We still have a lot of plants to sell. That's where you come in!


As a BatesRewards member, we have an opportunity for you. Through the end of business on Thursday, November 21st, all trees, perennials, and pansies are 33% off! You get your choice of our entire selection of trees including: shade trees, Japanese maples, ornamental trees, fruit trees, magnolias, as well as crêpe myrtles; all 33% off. There is one exclusion: Conifers. You also have your choice of perennials and pansies, all at 33% off as well. So don't delay! Hurry on out, as we're "making the turn" towards winter. Once these plants are gone, that's it… at least for this year anyway. Let us help you put the finishing touches on your landscape for 2013, and save money in the process!


Remember, if you can't haul it, we deliver!


David Bates