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Archive date:  October 31, 2013

A Nickel Back

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Five years ago today I returned to Bates Nursery. After a brief 19-month ‘retirement’ I was forced to repossess my business. I recall, all too well the angst I felt as I approached the re-engagement with my business. My attorney, Joe Rusnak, and I met for a barbecue lunch five years ago… with much trepidation for the events that were about to transpire. I remembered how uncomfortable eating was that day; it had nothing to do with the quality of the food.


Yesterday, my good friend Joe Rusnak and I, again met for lunch. There was probably no discernible difference in the quality of the food, but it tasted wonderful! Certainly the circumstances under which we had lunch yesterday were much more enjoyable. It is gratifying to know that what seems like the worst of situations can indeed take a positive turn. I am grateful to have friends like Joe Rusnak in my life.


I'm also deeply appreciative of the opportunity to create a relationship of service and trust with you as BatesRewards members. It may be that you never even knew I was gone, or ever had been gone. From this vantage point, it really doesn't seem as though I ever left. The bitter taste in my mouth at my return has been replaced with a sweet and satisfying reflection. Whether you have been aware of any of this or not really doesn't matter. What matters, is you care enough to support us. We know you have many choices: Thank you for choosing us at Bates Nursery!


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We look forward to seeing you, and thanks again for all you do!


David Bates