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Archive date:  October 23, 2013

A Fall Friday Freeze

Seasonal temperatures, sensational autumn gardening opportunities

It may be that you have seen me on TV already. You don't really have to watch the weather. You don't even have to have the sound turned up. The first glance of my face on television should tell you: it's getting cold. I get my 15 minutes of local fame twice a year, spring and fall. This just happens to be the latter.


I don't believe that serious gardeners are often called off guard, especially in the fall. It's not as though we all don't know it's going to begin being cold on a more severe and frequent basis.


I do appreciate the opportunity. However, editing at times, truncates the most important part of the message. I am not saying this happened recently, but it is easy to miss the most important part of the seasonal change information. First of all, those patio plants, which you are moving in off the deck to protect, may have undesirable passengers. Of course it's a good idea to give them protection from the cold; but you may be inadvertently infecting the other plants in your home. I'm talking about scale, mealy bugs, whiteflies, aphids and more. They may either be in the active adult stage or may have laid eggs on your plants.


I suggest you spray them before you move them in or at least spray them very soon thereafter. There are two good organic sprays available: neem oil and insecticidal soap. These are both pretty effective on treating a variety of household pests on your plants. Most importantly, they are very safe for the user.


A while back, I mentioned removing your summer annuals. You really should consider getting that done immediately. It's not that you're trying to save their life; I'm trying to save you a huge mess. Once the annuals freeze, they become a slimy mess. You can avoid this by removing them now.


It's a great time for planting most everything in your landscape. We look forward to the opportunity of helping you with yours!


David Bates