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Archive date:  October 10, 2013

Bulking Up

Bates wins ‘Best of Nashville’ for 10th time


It is with much appreciation that we receive our 10th ‘Best of Nashville’ recognition from the readers of the Nashville Scene…including You!  We are truly privileged to have such a loyal following in the middle-Tennessee community. I thank you.


We do try to be the best. I’m sure we come up short here and there. Hopefully we keep that to a minimum.  We have, however been working on an expanded area of our business: Bulk Materials.


We have expanded our bulk material selection to over 20 different items.  Any of these items can be loaded onto your truck/trailer or delivered on our dump truck.  We now have several new items…well, new to us anyway.  Cedar Mulch and Cedar Chips are two new additions.  Cedar Mulch is not red…it’s Blonde, with strawberry highlights (okay, you have to look close to see bits of red). Cedar Chips are just that, chips.  The chips are approximately ¾” in diameter. They are definitely red; chipped from the whole log.  In addition to being really attractive additions to the landscape, they are also decay resistant…and repel many insects! (‘cause they smell like cedar) That also makes them great for animal bedding use.  These are also available in bags.


In addition to bulk cedar products we also have leaf compost, coarse sand, crusher-run, ½”, ¾” & 2” limestone gravel as well as 5/8”, ¾” & 1-½” river stone. Our selections also include both composted pine soil conditioner as well as raw pine fines and shredded pine mulch. We also have added red colored hardwood bark mulch and last but not least, EarthMix® Premium Soil Conditioner now available in bulk! Don’t forget we have, as always, natural & black hardwood bark mulches, EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend, sifted topsoil, mushroom compost, worm castings as well as pine straw and wheat straw bales.


It matters not whether you are expanding a landscape area, putting in a path or filling a hole; we have what you need…in Bulk!


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David Bates