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Archive date:  September 28, 2013

Shady Companions

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For many of us, fall is the most wonderful time of year. With visions of the leaves changing colors and the splendor of cooler temperatures, there is no seasonal change that compares. Before the leaves drop away, it might be worth taking a look at your landscape in its current shaded condition.


With fall being such an excellent time to plant, it is normal for folks to look at opportunities around their garden to make a colorful impact. The only problem is, by the time some folks get started; the leaves have already fallen off the trees. While that in and of itself is not a problem, it may distort your perception of just how much light your garden receives normally.


While the leaves are still on the trees, take this opportunity to observe just how shady your potential landscape areas are. This is important information to have. There are many difficult landscape situations we encounter. The most difficult of all is lack of light. We work diligently at having a vast selection of plants particularly well suited for shade gardening. If you haven't checked out our shade area recently, you will be surprised to find several new offerings you may not have known existed.


Tonight I am privileged to be speaking to the Middle Tennessee Hosta Society at Cheekwood. It is a wonderful chance to speak to shade gardening enthusiasts. Just last week, our own Adam Chapman spoke to the Mid-South Hosta Society at Memphis Botanical Gardens. It seems as though the serious shade gardeners are getting prepared. You may wish to prepare yourself; at least do enough preparation to make the best choice before you select your shady companions for your garden.


Shade is only one aspect of gardening. Rest assured, no matter what your situation is, we have suggestions to help you get the right plant, in the right place, the first time. For our BatesRewards members, we have the best deal on PTT turf type fescue and fertilizers… and our back lot sale continues, 75% off!


David Bates