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Archive date:  September 13, 2013

Feeling Lucky?

Find your luck at our Friday the 13th-Week Sale

I know a lot of superstitious people. I guess at times, I have been one of them. Probably the most superstitious amongst us are the football fans. It is well documented that wearing a special jersey or a certain pair of socks will affect the outcome… of some football games. There are of course, the usual things that bring bad luck. Don't walk under ladders. If you break a mirror, you have seven years of bad luck. If a black cat crosses your path… Well I'm not really sure what happens, when that happens.  For me, it usually means that kittens are on the way.


The best description of luck I have ever come across is as follows: Luck is where preparation meets opportunity. I can only hope you're prepared; your opportunity is here. Recently, I mentioned that the last of the ‘big’ sales for summer were over. Perhaps this falls into the ‘medium’ sale category.


With many truckloads of new stock coming in every day, we have found some things that are looking a little tired. They are still quite alive, but they are not at their prime. We have made collections at a few places around the nursery. These specially marked items are all 50% off! Located in our back shade structure, behind the tree lot, we have an area full of all kinds of surprises. There are Japanese maples, some topiary plants, as well as a wide assortment of all kinds of interesting finds. In our perennial area, we have three benches of specially marked items, again on sale at 50% off.


We also have a number of decorative containers that are ‘one-of’ items. These specially marked pottery items are also 50% off! We are also extending for one final week, our special price of $8.99 for double pink knockout roses.


Turf enthusiasts need not worry, 50# bags of Proven Turfgrass Technology, PTT, are on sale for $99.99 and, 50# organic starter and turf fertilizers on sale for $24.99!


It’s BatesRewards member’s lucky days,


David Bates