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Archive date:  August 30, 2013

The Labor Daze

Extended summer, extended savings!...we're Closed Labor Day

Summertime is project time at Bates Nursery. If you've been out recently, you no doubt have noticed that things have been in a bit of disarray. It may even appear we don't have as many plants as usual. There is a good reason for that. We don't.


We have been completely resurfacing our sales lot; it has been necessary for us to work with a more condensed inventory. It doesn't mean we don't still have a lot to choose from; we just have less than usual.


Now that we have completed our sales lot project, it is time to re-display our wares. In the meantime however, things may continue to be a bit out of sorts. I promise you this; we are working diligently on restoring our selection to the level you properly expect.


Another project we have been working on this summer is expanding our bulk material selection. We have extended our bulk material bins so as to allow us to offer a much wider array of bulk materials for your choosing. By the time that fall arrives, we will have added several new mulches as well as many grades of gravel to match what ever project you have undertaken. I'll give you more detail on that as we near completion.


It only seems right that since we're asking you to deal with our mess, we should try to make it worth your while. I know I said last week was it; but hey, I changed my mind! We will extend our 33% of all plants through Saturday, August 31. We will also extend our 33% off all decorative containers and bagged EarthMix® products!


Be sure to take a few pictures or video with your phone or camera of your project. We need to be able to see the area you require suggestions on. Speaking of suggestions, it appears that Mother Nature is suggesting we will have summer after all; if only the last gasp of August.


Come see us soon, we will be closed Labor Day, Monday September 2,


David Bates