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Archive date:  August 24, 2013

Winding Up Summer

33% off all plants extended one week plus containers & EarthMix® bagged products!

From all appearances it would seem that we are all winding up summer in grand fashion. Even though the official end of summer is still a month away, there are many indications that let us know fall is just around the corner.


We spend a lot of time during the summer working on many different projects. I'll be talking about those in greater detail in the coming weeks. The one I'm most glad to talk about now is the resurfacing and restriping of our sales lot. Today the front section got sealed and striped. A project such as that probably sounds about as mundane as any news could get, but for us it has been a long time coming. I have been prattling on about the frustrations associated with performing what seems to be a straightforward task. But in every life, a little rain must fall… I digress.


So with a little luck, and a little work, we will again have our front area re-displayed and properly arranged. We have to get that done and order to clean the three remaining sections. The weather conditions for the coming week look encouraging. Hopefully, we can put all this pavement nonsense behind us, for another year anyway.


As we wind down summer, so do the extraordinary deals we are able to offer. If you're still reading this far into the newsletter, be advised: this coming week is the last of the big sales for the summer. So here we go, without further adieu, we will extend the sale of 33% off all plants for one week. Through the end of business next Thursday, August 29, we will not only offer all plants at 33% off, we will additionally offer all pottery at 33% off! Since you no doubt will be putting plants into the containers you will be purchasing, we will also offer all bagged EarthMix® products at 33% off. Your timing and opportunity could not be better!


We hope you'll come see us,


David Bates