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Archive date:  July 31, 2013

The Half-Century Mark

We're celebrating Renée's 50th!

The 40’s farewell tour has ended. As hard as it is to believe, and I'm sure it is for her, Renée is turning 50. I must say, if it is causing her any distress, she has shown no signs. There is probably no one among us who relishes the thought of getting older. Paradoxically, none of us like the thought of not getting older either. Fortunately, this thing called life comes day by day. If it came in larger chunks of time, I'm not sure any of us would deal with it very well.


As you might imagine, I have been busying myself in preparation for my dear bride's birthday event. There is just no way to allow a "significant birthday", (not that any are insignificant) to pass without proper celebration. One thing has become crystal clear: my wife has a lot of friends.


I have heard it said, "If you want to have friends in life, you need to be a friend". Renée is a friend to many… including me! Some go through life giving lip service to the value of friendship. Renée has never done that. She consistently demonstrates what true friendship is about: Action. Renée is not one to spend much time talking about what she should do for someone; she just does it. Be it a thank you card, gift, preparing a meal, or just talking on the phone, Renée is always there for her people. If you are fortunate enough to be one of her people, congratulations!


In order to properly celebrate this significant event, we will be offering you, our BatesRewards members, 50% off any one plant item! That's right, in honor of Renée's 50th, you can select the plant of your choice at half price. If you've had your eye on a Japanese maple, Southern magnolia, or possibly a crape myrtle, any single plant you choose is 50% off! Limit one per BatesRewards household. Come on out, consider the possibilities and have a free bottle of water on us while you shop.


Happy birthday Renée,


David Bates