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Archive date:  June 29, 2013

This Time Last Year

Third Season Sale Extended!


This time last year, we had not received significant rainfall since May13th. By June 28th of last year the temperature reached 106°; the next day it reached 110°.  I believe it is accurate to say we were all in FREAK OUT mode due to heat and drought. Gratefully, that was this time LAST year!


It is the time of year when conifer lovers should be paying attention to those plants in the garden. With the arrival of summer, a couple of "old friends" can quickly become unwelcome guests. Bagworms and spider mites can be damaging at the least and lethal at the worst. Fortunately, careful observation can detect either of these nemeses at an early stage, thereby making eradication decidedly less difficult. Let us begin with bagworms.


Even in a juvenile stage, bagworms are still easy to detect. At this stage of their life, they are likely no more than 1/4 inch in length. Being voracious eaters, they grow quickly.  All needled evergreens are susceptible; particularly Juniper, arborvitae, and spruce. The few minutes you spend inspecting your plants will pay huge dividends.


Spider mites are decidedly more difficult to detect. At first glance, there may be no evidence of infestation. Detection is most easily done using a piece of white paper. Simply hold the paper in one hand underneath a limb. Strike the limb above the piece of paper the couple of times with your other hand. Carefully retract the hand with the paper on it and inspect. If you notice black dots about the size of a period, and they are moving around, you have spider mites.


Fortunately, both of these pests can be treated either with a contact spray or a systemic insecticide. Permethrin (Hi-Yield 38 Plus, Bonide EIGHT), is a very effective contact spray. Imidacloprid (Bonide Tree & Shrub Insect Control), is an excellent systemic. Read the entire label before applying these or any other chemical products.


Third Season Sale continues; you receive 33% off any three plant and/or pottery items.


We will be closed July 4th!


David Bates