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Archive date:  June 13, 2013

The Third Season

Get 33% off any three plant items and/or pottery

It's official now; at least as of June 21, 2013 at12:04 AM CDT… summer arrives! Indeed, it is the third season we have transitioned through this year. To be sure, each seasonal change brings its own challenges and rewards.  I will discuss with you next week about seasonal pests to be mindful of and effective treatment; but for now, let’s concentrate on landscape opportunities.  It’s summer; the third season!
We want to extend an invitation to community gardens. We have vegetable plants to share! While supplies last, we will donate to any community garden project up to 10 flats of vegetable plants. The vegetable plants will be available to community gardens on a first come, first served basis… so don’t delay!
Last week I was honored and privileged with the invitation to speak before a group of garden center owners, from the New England area, by Imperial Nurseries in Connecticut. While I was there, I had the opportunity to tour Imperial Nurseries facility and extensive selection of plant material. We received a shipment from Imperial Nurseries on Tuesday and it looks even better here than it did there.
That shipment contained a large selection of Japanese maples as well as many other wonderful items I know you're going to want to see. There will no doubt be several items will be of great interest to you. And as if that wasn't enough, we've got a deal to help you get the third season kicked off right! As a BatesRewards member, you can select up to three plant items or pottery and get them at 33% off. Mix and match if you like. A beautiful Japanese maple and a new container might be just the ticket. Since the summer season is now here, our hours have changed a bit. We are now open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM; we are closed Sundays until fall.
Believe it or not, good things happen in threes! Our Third Season Sale ends June 27th.
Come celebrate with us,
David Bates