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Archive date:  June 8, 2013

Solstice in Sight

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The approach of summer makes many new changes apparent. It seems there is a never-ending stream of newborn creatures around us. We have a bluebird box set up next-door, and just last week we discovered two eggs in it. It is always good to see bluebirds nesting. They do such a wonderful job of eating mosquitoes and the like.


On our rock wall near the street (and our mailbox), we have been watching a nest of Killdeer. Killdeer as you may know, are the birds that nest on the ground, and make quite a ruckus any time you get near their nest. This diversion they create, is typified acting as though they had been injured a few feet away from the nest so as to lure predators away from their nest. Just yesterday, three eggs hatched. What makes Killdeer so unusual is that they can get up and start running immediately. Their camouflaged feathers make them nearly impossible to see when they are lying down in the nest. Mother nature thinks of everything.


I'm not sure that is what Bella was thinking last week. Bella as you know, is our nursery dog/mascot. As I pulled in to the garden center last Saturday I caught her admiring herself in the reflection of a large chrome bumper. At first I thought she was merely standing facing the bumper. When I drove past her, and called for her, she turned and looked at me briefly. She then immediately turned back to her reflection in the bumper admiring the fine specimen of an animal she was gazing upon. I'm sure she noticed that her face looks a bit thinner, as we have had her on dietary restriction these days!


I invite you to come out and pay us a visit. Make sure and bring with you the information we need to advise you properly. Photographs, short videos, or rough sketches are immensely helpful. Our 15% off everything spring savings continue through Thursday, June 20, so don't delay.


Hope to see you,


David Bates