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Archive date:  May 24, 2013

The Longest Days of the Year

Making the most of your time outside

For the next six weeks, we all get to enjoy the splendor of long days and pleasant evenings. Okay, there's no guarantee the evenings will be pleasant, but the days will be long. It’s the time of year when those of us who live for the outdoors are provided the maximum opportunity. Now that we're assured of having at least 14 hours of daylight per day, the list of outdoor activities seems to grow and grow; much like the weeds.


I think for most of us, the late afternoon/early evening is the optimal time.  There’s just something about being outdoors in the twilight. I, being one of the early risers, get to enjoy the twilight on both ends of the day. For me personally, I prefer the early morning twilight. I guess it's the quiet of the morning that I most enjoy. It helps me to set the tone properly for the rest of the day.


Whether you're a morning person or a not so morning person really doesn't matter. What really matters is that it is that time of year. This has been such an incredibly pleasant spring. I don't think I have ever seen plants grow with such vigor. As gardeners, that is always a positive indicator. I think we all appreciate not having to work quite so hard to keep our gardens looking their best.


I encourage you the take this opportunity to maximize your landscape. For most, that doesn't mean doing a complete overhaul. We are more than happy to oblige in helping you through that process. It is indeed helpful for us when you bring in materials that help depict the area that needs work. Making a sketch with basic measurements, a few photographs, or a short video on your phone or iPad helps us to visualize the area and make the best suggestions possible


Beginning Monday, June 3, we will be open 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Saturday; we’ll be open Sundays from Noon-4pm, through June 16th.


David Bates