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Archive date:  May 15, 2013

The Time is Now

Gardening weather is upon us!

For those who have maintained the position that you really should not plant annuals until after Mother's Day, this year has proved you correct. Monday morning, the day after Mother's Day, we recorded the low temperature of 36°. Additionally, we also had a heavy frost. These types of climactic observations are not record-breaking, but they certainly are a divergent set of conditions compared to last year.

The flip side to that is, this time last year we were already approaching drought conditions. That certainly is not the case this year. While I admit, the rain does not always follow according to my schedule; we are certainly in much better moisture condition. Our soil moisture is so good; planting could not be better.

We do our best to pass along important information to you from time to time so as to keep you well informed. There is a pathogen that has proven to be extremely problematic to impatiens. Downy mildew is spreading across the country. Perhaps you have not experienced problems with impatiens. That is no guarantee you won't. Once Downey mildew becomes present in the soil… there currently is no cure for it. This can be distressing news for shade gardeners. I feel your pain!

It is possible you might continue to have no issues with your impatiens. It is very likely however, that at some point you will. Alternative plantings to consider include: green leaved wax begonias, Angel wing begonias, New Guinea impatiens and caladiums.

We rolled out our new website last week, and immediately stumbled out of the gate. There is nothing like going live to reveal flaws in a new website. Fortunately, insight was gained where the issues existed. Consequently, the overall performance of our new website, www.batesnursery.com, is greatly improved! If you haven't taken a few minutes to check it out, we invite you to do so! Our inventory is updated daily, peruse it thoroughly, at your convenience, 24/7.

The trucks are still rolling in, come see what we have brought in, just for you!

David Bates