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Archive date:  May 1, 2013

You May Remember the Flood

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 Today marks the third anniversary of the great Nashville flood of 2010. As you may recall, our collective misfortune was overshadowed by the gulf oil spill in the news. At the time it was hard to notice… that others failed to notice; we were all far too busy dealing with the issues associated with the flood. It's the kind of event that we all would love to put in the past and keep it there. That might not be the wisest decision. Mayor Karl Dean hosted a flood awareness event today.
It is a timely message and reminder to keep our collective guard up. Early Sunday morning we got flooded again. To be sure, it was not nearly as severe as 2010. It certainly was a reminder. We have been in cleanup mode all week, and consequently due to the excessive rain, there are a few temporary shortages of bulk materials; at least where topsoil enters the equation. Unfortunately, topsoil tends to be in low-lying areas… like us, most of those also got flooded.
Earlier this week, I was on NewsChannel5’s midday show, Talk of the Town. I always enjoy getting to see my friends Meryll Rose and Tuwanda Coleman. This time however, Leland Statom drew the short straw. He and I discussed flowering plant combinations and we featured our great supplier, HGTV Plants. If you missed TOTT and would like to see the spot, just click here.
Despite my pleadings with Leland, I was unable to negotiate a better weather forecast for this weekend. It would appear there's a reasonably good chance of rain again on Saturday, and to a lesser extent on Friday and Sunday. So don't put your rain gear away just yet. Grab your umbrella and your galoshes, come on out and see us. At least at this point it doesn't appear to be the severe rain like we got last week. The rain may be irritating but it beats the heck out of drought. It's May Flowers time!
Come on out and visit,
David Bates