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Archive date:  April 25, 2013

April Draws to a Close

Expansive selection of edibles…

As difficult as it is to believe, we are approaching the end of April; still harder to believe: we continue having frost conditions. This morning, our recorded temperature was 33°. With rain showers forecast for the weekend, yet another meteorological event seems to be unfolding, without my permission. We however, don't let a little thing like rain dampen our spirits! And besides, it's hard to get those May flowers if we don’t get the April showers.


No doubt, there will be a sizable increase of visitors to Nashville this weekend. The country music marathoners will certainly not be suffering from heat exhaustion. I try to pass myself off as a runner, but I'm not unhappy that I'm not running. I did run a marathon six years ago. I am proud to have that one off my bucket list. My body is allergic to that level of pain.


Getting to the radio station this Saturday morning will be difficult enough. Cumulus Studios lies within the confluence of the marathon route. I'm not sure whether it will be better to park and walk some distance or attempt to get to the station early, so as to avoid the roadblocks. I invite you to tune in Saturday morning at 7 AM on 99.7 WTN to find out. By the way, it is a call in program. Pick up the phone and give us a call: 737-9986. Josh and I will give you an answer to the problems going on at your home. We let you decide if our answer is correct or not.


The trucks have continued to roll in this week. We have added many new items to our edibles selection. From Paw-paws to black walnuts to elderberries, we have a selection of edible landscape plants second to none. Whether you are looking for opportunities to add edible landscape plants to your garden, or you simply can't quite come up with something for a certain spot, come out and we’ll help you figure it out!


We look forward to your visit,


David Bates