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Archive date:  April 12, 2013

Fast Changes

Encore performance by Rowena Aldridge in The GreenRoom this Saturday

There can be no doubt; spring has sprung. As a matter of fact, it has sprung so quickly that we have forgotten to update our hours on our sign out front. We also have forgotten to update the hours on our website and on Google. When I say we, what I really mean is me; I forgot to. It has been a busy week. In addition to all the changes that spring brings normally, my sister is returning from Oregon where she has been living for more than the past decade. It's an exciting time; I am thrilled for her return. She has been driving cross-country all week with her two kitty cats, as well as all of her possessions in a rental moving van. It has been fun keeping up with her trip vicariously through Facebook and telephone. She fortunately arrived safely yesterday, to a wet welcome.


Last week we only had a sampling of annuals, this week we have stepped up. We now have a complete selection of everything for your garden: You name it, we pretty much have it. The flattopped greenhouse it's now wall-to-wall; everything you could want for color or vegetable gardening now on hand. In addition to annuals, we also have received extensive shipments of perennials and herbs.


This Saturday marks an encore performance by Rowena Aldridge. She will have an 11 o'clock class on introduction to Square Foot gardening, as well as a 2 o'clock class on Four Season gardening. Both of these classes were filled to capacity two weeks ago. Contact Sara Bates via email to confirm your reservation. Email Sara Bates: sarabates@batesnursery.com.


A quick reminder, make sure and take photographs or short videos on your smart phone bring them with you to help us diagnose and make best recommendations for your landscape. This handy tool helps us greatly in making the right suggestions, so that you can ensure you get the right plant in the right place the first time!


We look forward to seeing you,


David Bates