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Archive date:  March 30, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Extended hours begin Monday, April 8

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet" –Aristotle 

Aristotle had this spring pegged. To be sure, it has been a test of patience. The rewards of this test are clear. Spring has finally arrived! It is at this time of year, when things start to get blurred. As though someone is explaining the events of an automobile accident, "It all happened so fast!" Spring appears to now be in full gear; we are all just along for the ride. The weather is improving daily as we go through the next week.


We have taken many measures to make sure you will not be disappointed in what you'll find at Bates Nursery. The tropicals have rolled in this week. Whether you're looking for Macho or Kimberly Queen fern, hibiscus, hanging baskets, or anything else tropical in nature, and we've got wonderful quality, as always. The annuals have also rolled in this week. It might still be a bit early to plant many tender annuals, but if you're ready to test the waters we are ready to show you what we've got. Of course, we have everything you would want for the vegetable garden, as well as everything you want for a more colorful decor.


I want to thank Tim Ross for having me on his program on 99.7 WTN last week. You know Tim from his many years of weather forecasting on WSMV, channel 4. I want to also take this opportunity to thank my friend Andy Ward of Republic Plumbing for having me on his new TV show on Comcast 50, that's channel 5+. His show, House Calls, begins airing tonight, April 4th at 7 PM. I have the honor of being his first guest. I would love to have you tune in and give us a call. We will be answering all questions, particularly if they’re about plumbing or gardening.


Since you're looking for more opportunities to garden, we're extending our business hours beginning Monday, April 8th. M-F: 8a-6p; Sat: 8a-5p; Sun: Noon-4p


Come see us,


David Bates