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Archive date:  March 25, 2013

Prosecutor Indicts Punxsutawney Phil for Fraud

Elusive spring season continues to be just out of reach…

With the collective moans of “enough already", the lethargy of winter’s passing continues. Should you choose to blame Punxsutawney Phil or Mother Nature? That is your choice. For all the good that playing the blame game does, perhaps it gives a feeling of resolution to define where to point the finger (I’m talking index finger here). I have heard it said, that for some, happiness is: knowing where to place the blame. Even though it has been uncomfortable here, we certainly haven't had to deal with the same things that our neighbors to the north have had to deal with. Believe it or not, the weather is improving, albeit slowly.
This spring has begun to unfold nearly the opposite of last spring. This time last year we were easily 20° above normal. This spring 20° below normal has been typical. We have covered plants, we have uncovered plants, we have moved plants in, and we have moved plants out. And will continue to do that so long as we need to. None of us have to like the current weather, but we do have to endure it.
You have a unique opportunity this Saturday at Bates Nursery in The GreenRoom. Mother Nature will be speaking. I bet you didn't know that Mother Nature is actually a dude. That's right; Randy Smith of Mother Nature will be speaking in The GreenRoom at 11 AM on Saturday. He has authored an enlightening and entertaining booklet on gardening. To reserve your seat, make sure and email or call Sara Bates at 615.876.1014. No matter whether you are a seasoned veteran or a neophyte gardener, Randy will have many great tips not only for getting started in the spring, but year round applications as well. This will also give you the opportunity to tell Mother Nature what you think about the weather, face-to-face.
It looks as though we may be in for a few showers this weekend; make sure to bring your raincoat!
David Bates