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Archive date:  July 10, 2000

Ornamental Grasses Show Their Stuff

Low maintenance summer plants that get better all summer… and fall!

As a family of plants, ornamental grasses give a wide variety of contrasting colors as well as applications in the landscape. Many varieties grow quite large, (such as Zebra grass to the right) and create effective cover for unsightly parts of your landscape (such as a 500 gallon propane tank). With so many types to choose from, the most difficult part about ornamental grasses is trying to decide which one (or ones) to grow. Grasses such as Hardy Pampas Grass (shown in middle photo) get incredibly tall, even as young plants! One area of concern is for people who have heavy shade. You may believe that no ornamental grasses will tolerate shade…not true. We have two wonderful examples, to the right, that not only flourish in the shade, but give bright color as well! These are but a few examples of what this wonderful class of plants can afford to the landscape. The possibilities are nearly limitless.