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Archive date:  February 7, 2002

If you "Snooze" you will "Lose" the battle with Crabgrass

Plan to apply pre-emergent herbicides soon to control this unruly pest

Of all the turf maintenance chemicals commonly applied, fertilizers, post-emerge herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, pre-emergent products are one of the most expensive but they work! Applied in granular form they use soil moisture, rainfall or irrigation to form a chemical barrier that will not harm any existing plant but will not allow any seedling to penetrate. So it not only stops crabgrass, an annual, heat-loving weed, but also stops any other weed seed from successful germination. Then with proper fertilization your desirable grass quickly fills in those small bare spots that would have been nothing but ugly weeds.
Pre-emergent products are available in combination with turf fertilizers to give your grass a boost, too.
When to apply it? When you see dandelions blooming that means the soil temperature is warming up to the point where crabgrass can germinate, usually between late February and mid- March. So get on the ball and apply it now! There are a couple of dandelions in your yard fixin’ to bloom shortly!
Don't forget this one a year application. It's a vital step to a weed-free lawn. Incidentally, if you want to stop crabgrass, fertilize and reseed or spot seed your lawn there are products available to let you do just that, too.