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Archive date:  September 24, 2002

Planning Installations and Alterations: Part II

The fun part!

Now that you have evaluated your landscape and determined what the limitations and requirements are within your landscape, you can move on to the fun part. It’s time to select your plants! Middle Tennessee has one of the largest plant palettes in the United States. This means you have an amazing selection of plants to choose from. It helps to organize plants you are interested in by the limitations you have set. For instance, if you want to plant a cluster of trees near power lines, then make your selection from a list of trees that have a maximum height of 15 to 25 feet. Over the next few weeks each news article will provide a sample list that includes plants just outside the ordinary. Who knows, perhaps this will introduce you to some amazing varieties you were not aware of!

Small Trees for areas with restricted height (ex: near power lines):

Amur Maple - Acer ginnala: Not an ordinary maple! This maple is low branching with a sculptured branch habit. It only reaches 20 feet high and wide, excellent for small areas. Plus, the Amur Maple has year round interest with fragrant white flowers in spring, red winged fruit in late summer, bright red fall color, and smooth gray bark on sculpted branches in winter.

Redbud – Cercis canadensis: An important note on redbuds is that they do not bloom red, they actually have a purplish-pink bloom and can be seen in full display in early spring before they put on leaves. A very unique variety is ‘Forest Pansy’. It blooms the same as the species but as the blooms drop attractive young purple foliage begins to flush, providing a longer season of interest. The foliage eventually fades to green as the weather becomes warmer.

Smoketree – Cotinus coggygria: in late spring these small trees appear to burst into smoke when the fine textured, panicle flowers are in full display. Royal Purple Smoketree is especially beautiful with its purple foliage complementing the pink smoky plumes. Reaching a maximum height of 15 feet, this tree is perfect for areas with limited space and lots of sun.

Japanese Snowbell – Styrax japonicus: With its delicate, mildly fragrant, flowers dangling along the stems this tree is a must have! Place it where people can walk beneath it and enjoy its true beauty when in flower. Japanese Snowbell may reach 20 to 30 feet tall and can even take partial shade as well as full sun.