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Archive date:  October 7, 2004

Advance Planning Leads to Desired Results

A beautiful landscape follows a plan…

If you don’t know where to turn for your landscape dilemmas, start by getting it down on paper.
Planning and designing a landscape to be beautiful, and more importantly useful, can seem a bit daunting. There are many resources available to assist you in this process; magazines, books, the internet, and landscape architects; to name a few. Most folks need first hand help, but have no idea where to begin. That is where Bates Nursery & Garden Center comes in. There are a few basic considerations to take into account before you begin the plan or meet with a designer.

Photograph- Take a few shots of your home: a picture is worth a thousand words. It will save a lot of time and guesswork for us to determine what you have existing and where to proceed.

Space - Measure and sketch the footprint of your home and hardscapes on the property. Measure the size and location of each window. This helps to define the views from within the home. Also, measure the height of each window from the ground. It is no fun to fight with the height of a shrub to keep it below a window pane. Instead, select a plant that will not get taller that the space. Be sure to note overhead power lines and phone lines as well.

Movement - Determine how people (and pets) move through the landscape. For example, what paths are taken to the mailbox, garage, driveway, swing set, etc. Incorporate traffic flow and dog runs into the landscape.

Existing Plants - What do you have now that you want to keep? Note the location, size, and type of plant. Consider why you want to keep it (or not). This will guide you in selecting other plants.

Sun Exposure - This should be determined when the trees are fully leafed. Where are your hot areas, cool areas? How much sun/shade do they get? Remember, the north side of the house will be the coolest and the south side is typically the warmest. Full sun is considered to be 6 hours of direct, burning hot sunlight. Part Sun occurs when an area is shaded for 2 – 6 hours a day. The time of day an area receives sun is important as well. Morning sun is milder that afternoon sun.

The Lay of the Land - Steep slopes and deep gullies can be difficult to establish and may cause water runoff problems. If you do adjust the grade make sure you slope away from your house to avoid a leaky basement.

Problem Areas - Is the soil well drained? Do you have boggy areas or extremely dry areas? Will grass not grow where you want it? To solve these problems you may need to consult one or more of the resources mentioned earlier. Collect as much information about the problem areas as possible using guidelines 1-5 above.

Remember, every home is unique. There are no set “rules” for landscaping. We do however, have many years of experience. We can (and will) make many suggestions. We will help you through the maze of choices. Armed with the above information, we can most certainly help you miss the “potholes” in your landscaping. Bring us some photos and a sketch, and we’ll make your landscaping endeavors efficient, productive and drop dead gorgeous!