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Archive date:  May 29, 2009

Farewell to May

Planning, planting and growing

It seems like it just got here and now it is gone…May. This year has been particularly challenging in that it has been quite rainy for pretty much the entire month, and the entire spring for that matter. I’m not complaining about the rain. We need rain. Two years ago we were all praying for rain, I think it is safe to say our prayers have been heard. That said, even though it has rained a lot, we still need to continue to have rain. Natural rainfall is always preferable to irrigation. Irrigation only puts water on specific areas, rainfall gets everything wet. Irrigation systems only mimic Mother Nature, at best. Irrigation has been a boom for everything attached to the green industry. From farmers to golf course superintendants to home owners, it gives us all the ability to alter what nature would otherwise dictate to us.

Landscape plantings now occur successfully year-round. Planting things such as vegetable or flower gardens are frequently planted late with equal or better success as gardens planted much earlier.

A lot of gardeners have had difficulty getting seasonal plantings planted. The late arriving spring followed by rainy weekend after rainy weekend has made it a challenge to say the least. Fortunately, we live in the age of readily available water.
Water is a resource we should all be mindful of. Even though we may not currently be in a situation where water restrictions are an issue, it is a good practice to evaluate your water usage and application methods.

Water and use is another topic for another day. But it does directly tie in to what’s on my mind. Today, let’s discuss planting annuals and vegetable gardens at this time of year. Seasonal plantings such as these are perceived by many as having a rather limited window of opportunity. While there are limits on vegetable gardens, you can plant most warm season vegetable plants during the month of June and still have wonderful results. The only limit is availability. We currently have a new shipment of okra, squash and still have a good selection of tomato plants as well as sweet and hot peppers.

With summer color items such as wave petunias, wax begonias, impatiens, verbena, nicotiana, alyssum, gomphrena, ageratum, and wonderful specialty plants such as setcretia, sweet potato vine, spikes, caladiums, and much, much more, we have everything you need to get your garden looking it’s best.

It looks like we have a favorable forecast for the next several days, so if your weekend timing has been a bit off for planting, it looks like the weather is cooperating…finally. The good news is: it doesn’t matter whether you plant in the ground or do container gardening, the selection for planting annual flowers and vegetables is still great. The bad news is: selections from our suppliers are running thin. We have the greenhouse full for now, but selection will begin to wane. Don’t delay, come on out and enjoy our selection that is second to none!

Remember this: if you planted it a month or two ago, you still have to water it all summer. Don’t let watering be an excuse for failing to plant now. The soil moisture is excellent with the wonderful rain. Get those plants in the ground this weekend…then you can concentrate on everything June brings.

We’ll talk to you next week,

David Bates

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