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Archive date:  June 12, 2009

The Best Reasons to Shop At Bates (again) This Spring

Special Prices on Annuals and Vegetables…New Shipments just arrived!

I usually reserve this space for “how-to’s” and “it’s time to be thinking about” kind of stuff. This time around, I am hoping to appeal to your “opportunity to save” side.
As we near the end of spring, it is not uncommon for less informed individuals to assume it is too late to plant. You, being informed, believe no such nonsense. That is precisely why we have done the exact opposite of what others who sell plants do: Stock Up. We have brought in 3 full semi-truck loads of new plant material this week. Among those items, are specimen plants including several cultivars of magnolia, hollies and crepe myrtle. These are from #15 (gallon) size to #30 (gallon) size. Use the search feature for full details on these or any other inventory items.

Now for the big news: One of the three trucks brought in this week flies in the face of all apparent horticultural logic; we brought in a truckload of new annuals. It seems to me as I drive around town, many people and businesses have had a hard time either getting their annuals or gardens planted or simply have been watching their spending. Either case has made this season difficult for people who love their yard and working in it. We have not figured out how to control the weather, but we have made a special purchase of annuals, and we are passing the savings along to you.

Not only do we have the greenhouse full (I mean FULL) of annuals; everything from Ageratum to Zinnias, we also have a tremendous selection of Chef Jeff® vegetable plants, of course including tomatoes from Arkansas Traveler to Green Zebra.

Our Chef Jeff® vegetable selection includes the following tomatoes: Arkansas Traveler, Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Better Boy, Bradley, Celebrity, Champion, Early Girl, Golden Boy, Jet Star, Jolly, Lemon Boy, Superfantastic, Sweet 100, Patio, and Whopper. We also have heirloom favorites: Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripley, Orange Oxheart, and Rutgers Select.

We have a great selection of beautifully colored peppers; nothing in the vegetable garden shows the array of colors like peppers. Sweet peppers include: California Wonder, Golden Bell, Big Bertha, Lilac Bell, Red Beauty, Ivory Bell, Super Supreme Banana, and Whopper. Hot peppers include: Habañero, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeño and Super Chili. (remember: plant your hot and sweet peppers as far apart as possible; hot peppers are genetically dominant, if they pollinate a sweet pepper, the resulting fruit will be as hot as the pollinator).

So whether you planted early and the rains rotted it away, your garden got flooded out or hailed on (this happened to one guest I spoke to this week) or you’ve been busy like me and haven’t gotten around to planting yet, well it’s still not too late to plant successfully (and I am going to get my garden planted).

Now for the SPECIAL PRICES. All regular flats of annuals (these are called 1204’s, 12 cartons to a flat, 4 plants per carton) regularly priced $17.99 now just $9.99 a flat. Chef Jeff® Vegetables in 4P (inch) pots regularly $2.79 now just $0.99 per plant. And for added measure, we are offering 12” Premium Mixed hanging baskets regularly $34.99 now just $24.99.

The beneficial rain continues and so do the opportunities for value at Bates.

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I hope to see you this weekend!

David Bates