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Archive date:  June 18, 2009

Father’s Day History …and Savings!

Don’t let bagworms spoil this wonderful day

Its Father’s Day weekend, so you know what that means: spray for bagworms.

An interesting connection exists between those two seemingly unrelated events. Truth is, bagworms can be insidious if left unchecked, and can be a considerable conundrum for conifer collectors and caregivers. Alas, alliteration aside, (sorry, did it again) Father’s Day is a convenient reminder to spray your precious conifers for bagworms, as well as spider mites. If you have an investment in these beautiful evergreens, these pests are easily eradicated if you act now. Timing is everything. A single spray with Neem oil will do the trick, but only if you act in timely fashion. If you delay, it could take repeated spraying with perhaps much stronger chemicals. The great thing about Neem oil is that it is highly effective for insects, mites and many diseases… best of all it is safe for the user.

The whole Father’s Day connection has gotten me to thinking. From whence did this occasion arise? Here is what my research produced, much of which I did not know.
The history of Father's Day dates back to 1909. Sonora Smart Dodd was listening to a Mother's Day sermon, at the Central Methodist Episcopal Church. The lecture inspired her to have a special day dedicated to her father, William Jackson Smart, who had brought her up and her siblings, single-handedly, after their mother died.

Sonora could realize the greatness of her father and wanted to let him know how deeply she was touched by his sacrifices, courage, selflessness and love. To pay a tribute to her great dad, Sonora held the first Father's Day celebration on 19th of June 1910, on the birthday of her father. She was the first to solicit the idea of having an official Father's Day observance. However, unlike Mother's Day, which was readily accepted, Father's Day was received with mockery and hilarity. Though the day was gaining attention, it was mostly for the wrong reasons. Jokes, satire, parody and derision were all that the day was commemorated for.

In 1913, a bill in accordance with making the day official was introduced. The idea was approved by US President Woodrow Wilson in 1916. Later, in 1924, the idea gained further momentum as it was supported by President Calvin Coolidge. In 1926, a National Father's Day Committee was formed in New York City. However, it was thirty years later that a Joint Resolution of Congress gave recognition to Father's Day. Another 16 years passed before President Richard Nixon established the third Sunday of June, as a permanent national observance day of Father's Day in 1972.

The day was primarily nationalized in the honor of all good fathers, who contribute as much to the family as a mother, in their own ways. Another theory states that even before Dodd came into the picture, Dr. Robert Webb of West Virginia is believed to have conducted the first Father's Day service in 1908 at the Central Church of Fairmont.

However, it was the colossal efforts of Dodd, which made it possible for the day to acquire national recognition. The white and red rose was made the official flowers for Father's Day celebration. While the white rose commemorated gratitude for a father, who was deceased, a red rose expressed thankfulness to one, who was living.

Although the name of the event is usually understood as a plural possessive (i.e. "day belonging to fathers"), which would under normal English guidelines be spelled "Fathers' Day", the most common spelling is "Father's Day", as if it were a singular possessive (i.e. "day belonging to Father"). Dodd used the "Fathers' Day" spelling on her original petition for the holiday, but the spelling "Father's Day" was already used in 1913 when a bill was introduced to the US Congress as the first attempt to establish the holiday, and it was still spelled the same way when its creator was commended in 2008 by the U.S. Congress.

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We look forward to seeing you this weekend,

Happy Father’s Day,

David Bates