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Archive date:  July 24, 2009

Last Weekend of July Discount Days

What’s all the flitter about Twitter®?

Remarkably, we are still experiencing fantastic summer weather. With no significant change of weather in sight and a wonderful weekend ahead, it remains an excellent time to “tend the garden” regardless of what kind of garden you are tending.
As a weather watcher for years, I cannot recall a summer that has been this kind. One customer called today and said “We’ll pay this winter for the mild summer”. I don’t put much stock in that. I give that no more credence than those who believe a cold winter kills off the bugs…it gets much colder up north…and they still have plenty.
With the last weekend in July upon us, it seems appropriate to mark the passing days with a discount tied to the calendar. On Saturday July 25th and Sunday July 26th, we will extend to you, our loyal BatesRewards members a 25% and 26% discount, respectively, for each day. This weekend only, Saturday the 25th you will get 25% off your entire purchase, on Sunday the 26th you will receive 26% discount off your entire purchase! We want you to know how much we appreciate your continued support and we are glad to extend these savings to you. Make sure you come on out this weekend and save.

Now about Twitter®. We have set up a Twitter® page: www.twitter.com/batesnursery. We are excited about the possibilities that Twitter® offers. Basically, Twitter® is Facebook® without the pictures. It gives us a way to communicate with our BatesRewards members without overloading your inbox. It also gives us the ability to offer daily (or more frequently) updates about incoming stock (we have a bunch of updates showing what we received this week) as well as Twitter® specials. Here’s a hint: we will have BatesRewards Twitter® Tweets of the Week on Wednesdays. To find out what our “Tweet of the Week” is you must go to www.twitter.com/batesnursery. We would love to have your “follow” us, the sign up for Twitter® is free, but you can also go directly to our Twitter® site listed above.
If you “follow” us on Twitter®, it also offers a great portal to exchange ideas and information and enjoy the community of folks who (obviously) enjoy gardening and the great outdoors.

We look forward to the “treat” of seeing you this weekend,

David Bates