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Archive date:  August 28, 2009

Less Said, the Best Said

Trying to learn that less is more

It has been kindly brought to my attention by several readers that I should put forth a less wordy weekly writing endeavor. I pledge to do better. Sometimes there seems to be more to say than space to say it. I want to inform, not intrude. I am always glad to have your valuable input and I appreciate it. I will try to stay within 350 word limit, and I have already used eighty-five, so I best be at it.

Our wonderful run of weather continues to amaze. Temperatures next week are forecast to be in the upper 70’s. Here at Bates, we have started the fall push. This week, we have brought in several trucks of new material. Updates and photos of new arrivals are available on our Twitter page located at www.twitter.com/batesnursery.

To announce the arrival of a very early fall and farewell to August, this Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th, we will be offering huge special discounts on Monrovia plants. On Saturday the 29th, you will receive 29% discount on all Monrovia plants and on Sunday the 30th you will receive a 30% discount on all Monrovia plants. Monrovia is the undisputed champion of quality. As a seller of quality plants, we are proud of the relationship we have with Monrovia. After one look, we know you’ll be proud to plant them at your home.

Summer is passing quickly, so are many of the opportunities to get a great selection of quality plants at incredible prices. Don’t miss out!

It is always important to remember to plant properly. To achieve best results, you need to use the best. Check out our entire line of EarthMix® products. From the original EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend, to other high quality EarthMix® products, such as Mushroom Compost, Soil Conditioner, Natural Hardwood Bark Mulch, and Black Hardwood Bark Mulch, you are assured of getting the best amendments and mulches available.

Grab a bottle of water while you’re here…it’s free!

I hope you’ll come see us this weekend,

David Bates