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Archive date:  September 11, 2009

Making plans for fall planting

Helping the decision making process a bit easier…

With fall rapidly approaching, it is time for many to get their landscape in better order, but where to begin? As you know, we have a great selection of plants to choose from, but with that great selection, the inherent problem is…what to plant. Not only is what the question, but where? That is where our “We Plan, You Plant” service comes in most handy. You get an hour and a half session with our designer, Katherine Raymond. All you need to do is take some photos, make a rough sketch with basic dimensions, and an appointment. We normally offer this service at a great value of $99.00, but for a limited time, our “We Plan, You Plant” service is being offered for the extra special price of just $75.00. Simply drop Katherine an email to set up your date and time, she can be reached at: katherineraymond@batesnursery.com.

There is nothing more expensive in the landscape than large specimen plants. Whether it is a large corner plant, a screen planting, a group of three or a single stately tree, due to their size, well, they just cost a lot more. This weekend we offer a solution for large sized plants: 50% off. We are offering 50% off of all container plants #15 (15 gallon) size and LARGER. This offer is good for all items except Japanese maple. You may choose #15, #25, #30, and #45 (gallon) size shade trees, magnolia, crepe myrtle, hollies, junipers, cypress, topiaries and much more. To check out a complete list, go to our website www.batesnursery.com and search each size, simply type in #15 and press search to display all #15 plants. Do the same search for each other size to display their results. Remember, Japanese maple are not included, but everything else is and there is no limit for quantity, so get a single tree or plant a hedge you will still receive 50% off all #15 and larger container plants Saturday September 12th and Sunday September 13th only.

Don’t fail to plan, come out this weekend for great savings!

David Bates