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Archive date:  October 2, 2009

The Glory of Autumn Brings Tree Planting Fever

Great soil moisture makes for easy digging

As a homeowner, you’ve probably been thinking of planting trees. With the advent of container grown plants, we have been able to greatly widen the window of opportunity to plant. With B&B (balled and burlapped) trees, you generally have to wait until late October or early November to get the trees you want.

With container grown trees, you can, not only plant much earlier, but with much greater success rate (there is no transplant shock in container grown plants). With a complete selection of shade, ornamental, and fruit trees, we have what you are looking for. We have small trees to large specimen trees, and everything in between.

Since the moisture is so excellent now, it only makes sense to be thinking about planting larger trees. Dry ground often makes for hard digging. Plus, since we ain’t gettin’ any younger, we’ve got to take advantage of every opportunity to dig while the diggin’s good. Often times, particularly as we get a bit older, patience runs thin when shade is needed or a certain spot needs to be filled…now.

We are putting the largest fall plants on sale this weekend, no time like the present to plant. We are offering 50% off on all #25 & #45 trees and #15 & # 25, & #30 Magnolias, as well as #15 & #30 Crepe Myrtles. We know you have large needs; we have the trees to fill the bill.

Just in case you’re not looking for big trees this weekend, perhaps fall container gardening is in the works. It may be that since it is about time to bring in plants from outdoors, you need some new containers to complete your project. This weekend we are also offering all containers, planters, pots and saucers at 50% off.

Of course, since you’re going to be planting, you will likely need planting mixes and amendments. All EarthMix® bagged products will be just $2.99 , (that’s 50% off!).

Big savings on the big items you need, including the complete line of EarthMix® products, this Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th.

Don’t forget, we have a tremendous selection of cool season color and vegetables!

Come on out and save BIG,

David Bates