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Archive date:  October 10, 2009

It’s about time to bring your “pretties” in

But before you just haul them in…read on

Summer vacation is over for houseplants. Your back deck and front porch have been beautiful, but it's time to start getting them ready to move back inside before cold weather.

First, get ready for the move indoors. Clean your windows both inside and outside to ensure plants will get adequate light during the winter. Thoroughly inspect each plant for diseases and insects. Aphids, mealy bugs, scale, lace bugs, and spider mites love tropical plants and once brought indoors these pests can multiply out of control! It is best to eradicate them while the plants are outdoors. There are many choices for pest control on indoor plants. Two products that come to mind are insecticidal soap and Neem Oil. Both of these products are safe for you and your pets and do a good job. Always read and follow insecticide/pesticide label instructions.

Check the outside of the pot for signs of unwanted inhabitants. Soaking the pot in a tub of lukewarm water for about 15 minutes will force insects out of the soil. If snails, earthworms, or other insects burrowed in the soil, you might want to repot the plants. Put a piece of screen wire inside the pot to cover the drain holes. That will keep them out next year.

You will need to bring your plants indoors before nighttime temperatures dip below 45 degrees F. Most tropical plants will suffer damage at temperatures below 40 degrees F, a few at 50 degrees F. As we approach mid-October, it can happen anytime now.

If necessary, repot plants in larger containers. If plants have gotten leggy during their outdoor stay, remove from the container, and prune the top. Scrub the pot, add fresh potting soil, and replant.

To prevent shock when you bring houseplants back indoors, expose plants gradually to reduced lighting. When they've been in bright light and you move them into much lower light, you should expect some leaves to fall off. However, new ones should form as the plants readapts to the lower light. It’s best if they've been outside in high light to put them in similar light indoors like a south window or use supplemental lighting (using a timer) for at least 12 hours a day.

Avoid watering too frequently. Although summer meant you probably had to water your containers nearly every day, indoors they won't require watering as often. Let the soil surface get dry to the touch before watering again. Water succulents much less often, wait until the soil is dry for several days. Avoid watering during extended cloudy or rainy weather as plants won’t get sufficient light indoors to dry out.

Finally, give your plants a boost of fertilizer, according to the directions on the product label. Usually once a month is sufficient for water soluble fertilizers.

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David Bates