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Archive date:  November 6, 2009

Feels like October in November

Better late than Never…

The weather this week has been splendid. The calendar says November. The ground has finally gotten dry enough to take on projects that looked like they might have to wait until next year. It has caught us all a bit off guard. Normally we are thinking “winter is fast approaching”, and it will arrive, to be sure, but not so fast. It is not at all unusual for those of us in the mid-south to enjoy really nice weather into early December. So let’s give a bit of thought to getting a few projects accomplished outdoors, while the gettin’ is good.

First of all, those areas in your yard where summer annuals planted are looking poorly. Time to get those annuals in the compost heap and put in pansies. We just happen to have a tremendous selection of plants in all colors and in a couple of packs we are making a special offer on. We are offering our regular flats of pansy plants (Jumbo 606), normally sells for $15.99 now for just $9.99. An entire flat of 4P (inch) pansies in a flat would normally cost $21.42, these are being offered for just $13.99. These pansy plants are not over-the-hill-seen-better-days-and-really-picked-over types. They are all premium quality and ready for a good home…yours!

And since this is the first non-rainy weekend this fall, it is worth re-visiting a special promotion we ran a month ago…when it rained all weekend; Buy One, Get One free. This time we are going not one better but two. How about Buy Three, Get Three Free? Buy up to three items and get three other items of equal or lesser value…FREE! Unfortunately, we cannot offer a buy 25 and get 25 free, but this is the time to get what you have been fancying, plus companion items. The items you select may be anything…including the pansy special. Whatever your heart desires, you can get up to three items. And for extra measure, you can come both Saturday and Sunday to receive this offer. That means if you want to plant a hedge of 12 plants, you could come in Saturday and purchase 6 for the price of three and do the same thing on Sunday. Finally you can work in the yard: the weather is no excuse. This offer is good only for Saturday, October, (I mean) November 7th and Sunday November 8th, 2009. If you have had you’re eye on a pair of Japanese Maples, or specimen conifers, or hollies, or crape myrtle, or…you get the point. It does not have to be a pair, it’s just that the second items must be equal or lesser value up to three each day, Saturday and Sunday*.

Come on out and Enjoy the wonderful October weather,

David Bates

p.s. and yes we have free bottled water on the center aisle!

*special orders, deliveries, and gift cards excluded