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Archive date:  November 24, 2009

Getting Green on Black Friday Weekend Sale

Ways to save on Green Gifts for gardeners of all types

The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally known to merchants as Black Friday. At Bates Nursery & Garden Center, we want to help keep you “in the black” by saving you lots of “green” on truly green items. We have a fabulous selection of holiday décor you will not find elsewhere.

First, you can’t get greener than a living Christmas tree. Don’t throw your money away after Christmas; use a living tree that you can plant and enjoy for years to come. Even if you have run out of places to plant yourself, you may still wish to use a living tree and donate it to a local church, school or charitable organization such as Habitat for Humanity.

We offer a large collection of container grown conifers and hollies for either a traditional look or possibly something a bit unconventional. It is great fun to experiment with things such as a Hortsmann Blue Atlas Cedar or Oregon Green Pine, and take a departure from traditional, or consider Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Select Blue Spruce, or Green Giant Arborvitae for a more traditional look. All living trees are marked 25 to 50% off regular price for the entire season. Living trees require some extra consideration for care, make sure and read our flyer on Living Christmas Tree Care.

Everyone sells poinsettias and natural wreathes and garland. If beauty, quality and longevity are important to you, you will find our selections a great value. Often times large discount stores have poinsettias loaded on racks, rolled in and outside and frequently subjected to temperature extremes that will cause premature leaf drop. It is also hard to water on a cart, depending on who’s watering; it is easy to keep them too wet or too dry. I’m not ragging on the Big Boxes, it is the way they must do business in large volume. When you compare our florist quality poinsettias and Mumsettias, (that’s right, white chrysanthemums and red poinsettias growing in the same pot) the choice is easy.

Nothing worse than dried-out, and browning “fresh” cut greens. You want these decorative items to retain their fresh look throughout the season…right? If you purchase your wreathes and garland from Bates, you can actually see and feel the difference. All of our cut greens are dipped in VaporGuard™ antitranspirant. VaporGuard™ gives cut greens a lustrous sheen, wonderful scent (it is made from pine extract) and greatly extends the vitality of cut greens by sealing in the moisture. This is only effective if the greens are freshly cut. We treated our wreathes and garland last week to assure complete and proper treatment for maximum freshness.

Here are the deals this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Bates: Buy up to two items at 50% off plus we are having a gift card sale! Each $100.00 gift card purchase will receive an additional $25.00 gift certificate good for purchases from January 1st through April 30, 2010. Additionally we are extending the sale on hardy Camellias through Sunday. All that; plus the aforementioned sale pricing on living Christmas trees. Here are the exclusions on 50% off discount items: Poinsettias and cut greens/wreathes/garland, living Christmas trees (they’re already discounted), gift cards (on sale also) and deliveries.

Don’t miss out on this incredible weekend, avoid the mall crowds and come see us!

Happy Holidays,

David Bates