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Archive date:  February 4, 2010

Enough about the Weather

I’m tired of talking about it…

It is now February. That means March is next. March is the month in which spring officially begins. Woo-hoo! We are definitely getting closer. We are busily working in preparedness towards that time. Most assuredly, we are fortunate to have been in business for many years and to have made it through many spring seasons. The downside to being a 78 year-old business, is that if you’re not careful, you start looking your age.

Back in 1971, Paul Simon said, “Everything put together falls apart”. I’m here to tell you he was and is correct. In the 39 years since that song was penned, I personally feel the “falling apart” process occurring. My dad always told me, “If you’re going to get anything done in a real physical way, you need to get it done before you’re 50”. Now nearly four years beyond the half-century mark, I understand what he meant. Though I don’t think I’m quite washed up, I do understand there is really no getting around aging and the aging process. It seems to take a bit more effort to do things than it used to take, and I probably don’t look as good doing them. The same is true for our facilities. Father Time marches on. The structures we built over the last 40 years take more “tending to” than they used to, just like me.

We are in the process of cleaning our entire sales lot so that we can make repairs, re-seal and re-stripe the pavement…long overdue.

We have already greased the wheels and casters and checked the air pressure for every shopping cart and buggy.

We have made repairs to our bed designation signs and are preparing to re-stain them.

We have replaced the old fiberglass roof in the garden center with new polycarbonate. We have also replaced various fans, located on three different walls, with 5-48” ventilation fans in the back of the structure to insure increased comfort and significantly less noise. The increased sunlight will allow us to keep a small display of seasonal annuals and vegetable plants up near the checkout for those who have a hard time making the trip to the greenhouse.

We have replaced one of our overhead doors and are removing another to improve clearance as you approach the check-out area.

And (sound the horns) we have just found out this week, we will feature a new retail concept called the Monrovia Boutique. Having a boutique for Monrovia plants will give us a special opportunity to showcase the best of the best. We are proud of our over-40-year relationship with Monrovia, the nation’s premier plant producer. More details will be forthcoming…

We’re expecting company soon, so we’re cleaning up, we look forward to seeing you!

David Bates