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Archive date:  March 12, 2010

A Bit about Bella

Bates’ mascot is big on affection

About eight months ago, I was in the “shop”, located near the back property line. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something moving. As I adjusted my position for a better look, I saw a poor, three-quarters-starved mutt. She was looking for something to eat. Anything. She was so thin her ribs protruded. Despite her hunger, the dog demonstrated a loving nature; with a perpetually wagging tail.

I didn’t have any dog food. I took her to the house and dug out some turkey burgers. I cooked them for her in the microwave. Her anticipation of a meal was almost more than she could bear. As the burgers came out of the microwave, she patiently waited as I explained to her the burgers needed to cool. I cut them into pieces to expedite the process. I didn’t want her first meal in a while to be painful for her. The moment they cooled sufficiently, I put the plate on the floor and…woof! The burgers disappeared.

I didn’t have any more burgers to give her, so I went to the local convenience store and got a five pound bag of dog food. “At least this will be enough for the dog until we find a home for her”, I thought. She looked at me with those brown eyes and said, “I have found my home”.

And so she has. Bella, as we have since named her, is our live-in companion at the nursery. She has been spayed, received heartworm treatment, and all the usual shots. She has gotten over almost starving to death…I mean really gotten over it. She loves to eat, to be sure, but she really, really loves love. Bella is the most affectionate animal I have ever been around. But it’s not just for me. She loves everybody. Bella takes her self-appointed job serious: customer relations. She tries to personally greet everyone who comes out. She has a hard time containing her joy. She sometimes runs towards people as they arrive. We are trying to work with her on that. She is just so glad to see you! Every day for Bella is the best day of her life.

I know that not all of you may share Bella’s sometimes overly amorous feelings. Some people are not dog people, we completely understand that. If you see a medium-large brown/black dog with a red collar running around and that makes you uncomfortable, let us know and we’ll put her up.

If you are a dog lover, a word of warning: She has a tongue and a half, and she’s not afraid to use it! She also has an eye for stuffed animals. I don’t know why, but she believes all stuffed toys belong to her so we try to keep them away from her (she tends to chew them up).

We have almost completely stocked the garden center lot this week. The Monrovia Boutique is nearly finished. We have cleaned out the greenhouse in preparation of receiving cold weather (and not-so-cold weather) annuals that we will have starting next week. We are putting up pottery and cleaning up the mess from our winter projects (though we’re still trying to squeeze in a couple more).

Beginning Monday March 15 we will begin staying open until 5:00pm (don’t forget to “Spring Forward” this weekend). This is our last Sunday to be closed…Sunday the 21st is the first Sunday of Spring!

Come on out and see us…Bella can’t wait to see you!