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Archive date:  March 19, 2010

Slowly Spring Turns

…step by step, inch by inch

In what can only be described as an excruciatingly pokey seasonal transition (okay, it could be described other ways), spring arrives this weekend, with a blistering tortoise pace. I say that with no disrespect to tortoises. We get a couple of days of sunshine to end winter, and then back to the all-too-familiar chilly daze. If it sounds like I’m complaining, well I am, sort of. “Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it”, is a well known quote of Mark Twain from over a hundred years ago. With all of our technology we have today, little appears to have changed. We are all still at the mercy of weather. I guess that is the way it should be; it is probably what we mortals need to keep us “in our place”. The good news is: we all know the weather will improve soon!

Half of the fun in gardening is guessing when to take a chance on just how early to put a few tomatoes or peppers out. Here’s my take: It is too early to plant warm season vegetables…directly in the ground, anyway. Consider planting a few into somewhat larger pots now to transplant later into the ground or into much larger containers. If you wanted to get an early start, I would suggest planting your warm season plants into black 1 gallon nursery containers. The black container will warm quickly in the sun, and on chilly evenings, you can overnight the plants in the garage, basement or back room and put them back out the next morning.

If you have interest in such a project, we have everything you need and we’re willing to help you out. If you come out and purchase garden plants and EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend to plant them in, we’ll give you as many containers as you wish to transplant them into (up to 5 gallon size). The slowly but steady improving weather has us all itching; we’re just glad to help you scratch it.

We have a great beginning collection of garden plants, heirloom tomatoes, such as Brandywine and Cherokee Purple (16 varieties in all), as well as traditional favorites like Bradley, Roma, and Celebrity. We have eight varieties of Peppers, both sweet and hot. We have pole beans, pumpkins, cantaloupe, squash, eggplant, cucumbers, and more! Remember: I don’t recommend you plant these in the ground yet, that’s what cool season vegetables are for!

Well, since I mentioned cool season vegetables, we have broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and lettuce. All are cool season, ready to plant now, in the ground (or in a container, if you prefer). Another early spring favorite is primrose. Most people don’t eat primrose; (if you’re epileptic DO NOT as there can be serious side effects) they usually just buy them for the striking colors they provide as we emerge from the gloom of winter.

There’s not enough space to talk about all the herbs that have arrived this week, or the specimen plants from Iseli Nursery in Boring, Oregon, or our extensive display of plants at our Monrovia Boutique, but if you go to our Twitter page, www.twitter.com/BatesNursery you can click on numerous entries over the last several days (there are links that will have the name “twitpic” in them). You don’t have to sign-up for Twitter to check out our page, you can simply browse like any other website.

One last thing, we are now OPEN seven days-a-week! Sunday: Noon to 4pm; Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm (and of course later as the season progresses). For up-to-date information about what’s going on at Bates, inventory pricing, availability and information, go to our website: www.batesnursery.com.

It’s Spring (almost)!

David Bates