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Archive date:  April 9, 2010

Of Perennials and Purple Martins

Wonderful weekend ahead

It has been a variety filled week with regard to weather. It got downright hot Monday and Tuesday, with high temperatures in the upper 80’s. Wednesday was about a windy a day as I can recall, it seemed to be a constant 25mph wind with an occasional gust of 35mph. Thursday started out rainy overcast and mild and wound up partly cloudy and quite cool. We had a light frost last night and will likely have another Saturday morning. Frost is not much of an issue for us with our irrigation system; it does a great job of washing off the chill. This weekend looks fabulous! Cobalt blue skies Friday through Monday with highs beginning in the mid-60’s Friday to the mid-70’s by Monday. BEEUTEEFUUL! As warm as the ground is now, it is probably alright to plant annuals…but keep one eye on the weather, just in case another late cool spell arrives.

The Purple Martins returned this week to their abode at Bates Nursery. Once the Martins’ return, there’s never a quiet moment around section A-11. Purple Martins have got to be the most talkative winged creatures. They never stop chirping, but who can blame ‘em? They have a great home with a wonderful view.

In case you haven’t been out, (or noticed) we have nearly doubled our perennial selection this year. We have cleared out an area previously occupied by crepe myrtle. The myrtles may return in summer, but for now, there is a new spacious feel to our extensive perennial section.

We also received another 10 racks of annuals this week; included are favorites such as gorgeous 5, 6 & 10” Geranium plants; specialty annuals include: Bat Plant & Candy Corn. Here’s the list of a few of the fancy favorites: Angelonia, Argyranthemum, Bacopa, Colocasia, Crossandra, Calibrachoa, Euphorbia, plus a bunch of other things that are easy to spell and pronounce.

We have incredibly colorful hanging baskets; both 10” and 12” sizes that will astound you, fern baskets that will amaze you and foliage plants that are very leafy.

We have the new outdoor checkouts ready. Just look for the new cantilevered shade awning.

We are ready. The weather is ready. The Monrovia Boutique is ready. You are ready!

Come on out, Open Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm; Sunday Noon to 4pm. See you this weekend.

David Bates

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