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Archive date:  April 16, 2010

It’s an Annuals event

If you’re ready to plant…

We have officially passed the average last frost date for middle Tennessee. It doesn’t mean there will be no frost anywhere in the area until fall, but with every passing day, odds are ever better, that we are done, until then. The warm temperature seems to have everyone in the mood to garden. Since you’re in the mood, we have really brought in the stock this week. We have brought in at least seven semi-truckloads of plant material this week, including a full load of annual flowers and garden vegetable plants.

Our list of Heirloom tomatoes alone is staggering…Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Black Krim, Black Prince, Brandywine, Boxcar Willy, Caspian Pink, Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Jubilee, Mortgage Lifter, Mr. Stripley, Old German, Orange Oxheart and Rutgers Select. We also have a list of favorites you will not find elsewhere: Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler, Beefmaster, Beefsteak, Beefy Boy, Better Boy, Big Boy, Bradley, Celebrity, Champion, Chello, Early Girl, Fourth of July, Golden Boy, Grape Red, Husky Red Cherry, Jolly, Large Red Cherry, Lemon Boy, Mountain Pride, Patio, Pink Girl, Red Cherry, Roma Plum, Superfantastic, Sugary, Sweet Cluster, Sweet 100, Toma Verde, Yellow Plum and special tomatoes; Delicious, Health Kick, Homely Homer and last but not least, Whopper.

If you’re one of those who claim, “It dudn’t git too hot fer me”, then the Caribbean “World’s Hottest” is just what the doctor ordered; or it’s what you’re family tells the doctor that you ordered, as they’re standing over your smoldering carcass. You don’t have to be crazy to eat these flame-throwers, but it doesn’t hurt. They are listed as three times hotter than a Habanero…ouch! And yes, we also have Habanero, Hungarian Wax, Serrano, Poblano, Cayenne, Red Chili, and Jalapeno. Collect the complete set to assure heartburn for every day of the week.

If the sweeter side of peppers is more you’re style, we have Better Belle, Big Bertha, California Wonder, Red Beauty, Valencia Orange, and Sweet Banana. These are all beautiful and tasty for salads or salsa. Note to neophyte pepper gardeners: Hot peppers are genetically dominant. If you plant sweet peppers and hot peppers near each other, you will have only hot peppers. There’s nothing worse than the surprise of those first stuffed bell peppers of the season that were planted beside the Caribbean… but it does make for a memorable meal!

We also have melons, eggplants, squashes (but no Sasquatches), ever-bearing strawberries, pumpkins, okra, peas, corn, beans and much more.

Then there are all of the flowers. Too many to list, you name it, we got it. And gorgeous hanging baskets to fit any patio or porch.

Just one more thing. If you haven’t pulled out the hoses and fired up your irrigation, it is time. Even established plantings will appreciate a cool drink of water, hopefully we get some rain tonight.

Let us know where we can help you in your garden,

David Bates