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Archive date:  April 30, 2010

It’s Home Tour Season

And I’m feeling the pressure… -

This weekend my neighborhood is having their annual home and garden tour. Bates Nursery Is the title sponsor and our home’s gardens are on the tour. The pressure is on. No one has pressured me, I just feel the pressure. Nancy Deville with The Tennessean was gracious to write an article about the Richland-West End Home & Garden Tour 2010. My lovely bride (of nearly 25 years), Renée has noticed a nervous twitch develop over the last week, in me. I don’t normally get tweaked very much by such, but the busy time of year makes preparations for such an event more nerve-wracking than normal (whatever normal is). I guess I’m feeling a bit stretched…but such is life during spring in the nursery biz.

Okay, I’m not really stressed about the shrubbery…it’s the turf, or lack thereof. My side yard is embarrassing. I have had severe die back of Bermuda grass over the winter; coupled with mostly cool weather so far this spring. That makes for a poor showing grass-wise. My buddy, Kim Bradley of TLC Gardening asked me if I ever considered having a lawn where my side yard is. That is what I call twisting the dagger, but what are friends for? Besides, Renee and I couldn’t get everything done without her help, Thank you, Kim!

Weekend rains are rarely what any of us order. Looks like it’s time to develop a Pacific Northwest mentality. People in the northwestern states pay little mind to rain. They can’t afford to. If they stopped their plans every time it rained, well they would have no plans, at least not from October to June. Getting rain, even when it not at a preferred time is preferable to not getting rain. Last weekend’s rain, or should I say deluge, corrected our rain deficiency for the month of April. Looks like May will begin in the plus rainfall category.

Perhaps you won’t get around to planting this weekend due to the weather, but it is a good time to get your plants and be ready when the weather gives a break.

So I encourage you to un-wrap your umbrella, retrieve your raingear, put on a poncho, slide into your slicker, take your topcoat, and by all means, don’t forget to find your frock. After all, it’s just a little rain.

I better close for now, company’s coming. Come by and see us.

David Bates