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Archive date:  May 14, 2010

Short and Sweet

Still playing “catch-up”, post flood

During the flood/cleanup process, I took some time to capture a few videos. We now have our own YouTube channel: batesnursery. I have uploaded 13 videos. If you want to see them in chronological order, click on the “Uploads” link at the top of the page to reveal all 13, then start at the bottom. Once you have seen these videos and then come out to see us, you’ll be amazed how we’ve recovered. Very shortly, we will begin putting up more videos showing new plant arrivals as well as “how-to’s” for your garden.

One of the most difficult aspects of enduring an event such as our recent flood is making decisions. For those whose homes have been flooded, often times little survives being culled. What to keep and what to part with is the reality many of us face.

We have been able to salvage many plants from our back tree lot. After careful consideration, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of the trees and shrubs that remained leave much to be desired. The trees and shrubs are all living; they no longer posses a form suitable to call them quality plants. So we are offering these flood-tested survivors for a buck-a-gallon. That’s right; a five gallon costs you $5. A seven gallon is $7 and so forth all the up to the 30 gallon monsters for just $30.

Included trees are magnolias, fruit trees, maples (no Japanese maples), oaks, sweet gum, birch, and many others. All they need is your TLC and time to fully recover.

Here’s the catch: You must pay for the trees and take them with you at the time of purchase. We will not “hold” or “tag” any of these trees; first come, first served, as is, no delivery, no warranty and all sales final. Our loss is your gain. Limited to the victims we have on-hand, we will act swiftly and move these out as new shipments will soon arrive.

Bring your truck and save lots of bucks. Hook up a trailer, do this without failure! All trees will be loaded by our personnel prior to checkout; you will get a special tag as you proceed to checkout. Only items in designated areas of the tree lot, D-1, D-2 to D-7 & D-8 are on the buck a gallon sale. All items on the front lot and rear shade structure, D-14 to D-18 are excluded.

Help us put this mess behind us…and save huge!

David Bates

p.s. I guess this turned out to not be all that short; I do hope you find the back lot tree deals to be sweet!