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Archive date:  May 21, 2010

The Season of Swelter approaches

All pansies need to go…

It is a most unusual occurrence when pansy plants and violas are both in full bloom with vibrant growth in the latter part of May. Usually the heat of April pushes them out. The abundance of moisture and comparative cool temperatures have greatly extended the season for these frost- favoring flowering friends.

With this weekend’s temperatures forecast to be in the mid-to upper 80’s that is your cue to remove the cool season annuals, so as to allow time for their warm season cousins to get properly established. I know it is difficult to extract perfectly beautiful flowers, but believe me; they will quickly descend from their lofty perches of sublime floriferous fancy only to delve to the depths of pure pansy hell…and they won’t look very good either.

We also have an abundant array of vegetable plants in their prime and ready for your garden. It is still a great time to plant or re-plant, as the case may be.

This is the year for hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are flowering this year all over town in such profusion. The real fun with garden hydrangeas is deciding what color you prefer…pink or blue. By varying the ph of and the amount of available aluminum in the soil, arrays of colors are available. While it is true that lowering the ph will change a pink hydrangea to blue, it is the aluminum that determines how deep the shade of blue will be.

That is why aluminum sulphate is most commonly used to bring out the boldest blue hues in garden hydrangeas. Pick up a bag this weekend to give your hydrangeas a boost of color. If you don’t have any garden hydrangeas such as, Endless Summer™, Twist-n-Shout™ or Penny Mac, these are all great varieties for eastern exposures (that’s morning sun, by the way), and they are all repeat flowering as well. They are blooming now and will again in summer.

Thanks to all who made the Buck-a-gallon back lot tree sale a success last weekend! The last of the trees went out Sunday afternoon. New trees have arrived this morning.

As we enter late spring, we are reducing our hours a bit. Beginning Saturday May 22, 2010 we will be closing at 5:00pm. Our hours will be unchanged otherwise, Sundays Noon until 4pm and Monday through Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Bella (the nursery mascot) and all the rest of us are looking forward to seeing you this weekend! We have many new arrivals for your gardening pleasure.

David Bates