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Archive date:  June 4, 2010

Water Restrictions Lifted

Good news for gardeners…and everyone

With the Harriman Water Treatment Facility back on line, we can scratch one more item off our city’s recovery “to-do” list. I don’t think there is much doubt we are all glad to be a month removed from the peril. Needless to say, any event planned for the first weekend in May was a washout. This weekend, the Richland/West End neighborhood will have a make-up date for their home and garden tour that was originally scheduled for the weekend of May 1st & 2nd . The make-up date will be this Sunday, June 6 from Noon ‘til 5pm, and oh by the way, the annual neighborhood yard sale is Saturday, June 5 from 8am ‘til Noon, the day prior. The Richland/West End neighborhood’s borders lie within West End Avenue, I-440, Murphy Road and Wilson Blvd N.

At this time of year, it is not unusual for many to wonder, “Is it too late to plant?” Of course not! Almost everything we sell is container grown; therefore: no transplant shock. Anything you plant now will need the same care as if you planted it two months ago or two months from now. If you planted earlier this season you will be watering all summer anyway. The afternoon rains certainly have made that a less formidable task. So if you got distracted, disquieted, or perturbed and got away from your prior garden plans. Worry not, for we have the plants, products and expert know-how to insure success, no matter what time it is.

With all the clean-up and chaos going on, planting flowers and gardening in general have rightly become “back burner” issues. Now that the dust has settled, (poor metaphorical reference) it is time to get that garden planted… perhaps again, and be rid of the cool season flora. That said, we are putting our 1204 flats of annuals, (that’s a flat of 12 cartons with 4 plants to a carton) on sale for 30% off. These full flats are regularly priced $17.99 this weekend only, for $12.59. We’re not leaving you vegetable gardeners out. This weekend we are offering our Chef Jeff vegetable plants, regularly $2.79 on sale at 65% off now just 98 cents! Sale prices are good Friday, Saturday, and Sunday June 4-6, 2010. Groupons are welcome, just not for sale items.

Make a trip to Whites Creek Pike this weekend, we’re gonna be here…

David Bates