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Archive date:  June 10, 2010

June Came Too Soon

Can you make up for lost time ?

 Almost before you realize it is June, the month is one-third history (where does time “go” anyway?). One minute it is April and spring is bustling and before you can turn around, summer approaches. I’m sure this sensation of accelerated time is only going to get worse, but it amazes me how quickly May got by this year…for us all.

There is no benefit in pondering laments of the past (the knowledge of that does not keep me from engaging in that act of futility on occasion, however). So it’s time to look forward and plan for your end of spring landscape. That’s right, it is still spring. One of the great benefits to having waited until late spring is the profusion of late flowering plants, now in bloom. Let’s look briefly at one new arrival: Invincibelle Spirit™ Hydrangea. Invincibelle Spirit™ Hydrangea is a pink flowering Annabelle Hydrangea. And as you might correctly surmise, it is a favorite of Breast Cancer awareness advocates. One dollar from the sale of every Invincibelle Spirit™ Hydrangea goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to that, Invincibelle Spirit™ is also a repeat bloomer, so it will give great flowering beauty from now until frost.

Landscapes are not built on hydrangeas alone. It takes a complete array to complete your work of art: your gardens and landscape. You need a comprehensive palette from which to “paint”. That is where Bates Nursery & Garden Center comes into the picture. As a BatesRewards member, we want to keep you up-to-date on the best and newest plants, and we want to create great opportunities for savings in the process.

This weekend from Friday June 11th through Sunday June 13th, we are offering everything* we sell at 25% off! We want to help you get your projects finished “on time and under budget”. Springtime values like these don’t come around often; it is our way of saying “Thanks” for being a loyal customer, a part of the “Reward” for being a BatesRewards member.

Save 25% on Invincibelle Spirit™ Hydrangeas…and everything else…only at Bates!

Come on out and pick our brains…and your plants at 25% off (we will try to not have our brains at 25% off), this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

David Bates

*Gift Certificates, deliveries and special orders not available with this offer; Groupons may be used for non-discounted, in-stock items only.