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Archive date:  June 24, 2010

The Worms are out of the Bag

Timely actions make fending off pests easier

With mid-June now past, it is time to collect your thoughts with regard to pests in the garden (I’m not talking about your significant other; you’re on your own there). Bagworms should be front and center. If you have conifers, you need to give a very close look for juvenile bagworms. At this stage they will be perhaps ¼” in length, little or no cocoon and easy to be rid of. Wait a few weeks, and the situation becomes infinitely more difficult.

It is very likely you have something on the shelf in the garage or basement that will do the trick. The secret to success in garden pest control is the same as success in comedy…timing, or at least that is what I hear.

Pests in and around the garden can be discouraged using several methods. Clear away any decaying wood or other items that could provide a nesting spot. Make certain that your soil is well drained. Cats discourage birds and many birds feed on insects. So keep cats out of your garden by squirting them with a water pistol until they get the message. 

You should also encourage insects and other animals that eat garden pests. Ladybeetles are a great friend of the garden as are many spiders. Larger animals such as frogs and toads feed on insects, so a garden pond could be beneficial for breeding frogs and toads. Even blue-tailed skinks consume many a critter, for they are lightening fast in the heat.

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David Bates