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Archive date:  July 8, 2010

Twenty-five…in a Flash

Silver Anniversary arrives for Renée and David -

Twenty-five years of marriage has been a beautiful and strange adventure; she’s been beautiful, and I’ve been strange. It has astounded me how many friends have taken time to congratulate me, and to offer Renée their condolences. This quarter-century rollercoaster ride has brought us two great (and now adult) kids, Jason and Sara. It has afforded us many blessings of life together. To be sure, there have been difficulties along the way; I can’t imagine going through the time with anyone else.

I love Renée, but more than that, I really like her. She is such a wonderful friend. If you know Renée, you already know that. She is the most thoughtful, considerate and genuine person I have ever known. I still don’t know how fortune smiled on me and put her in my life. I am truly grateful, but probably not nearly grateful enough. I am a considerably better person from watching her example. There is no doubt: I married “up”. 

In every life, a little rain must fall. That is not a bad thing. Hopefully the forecast is correct for the days ahead. It looks like a really good chance of rain on Friday and much cooler temperatures with a continued (albeit decreasing) chance of rain on Saturday. Hey, we’ll take it. In honor of my lovely bride, the flower of my life, we are offering, this Friday through Sunday, all flowering plants at 25% off to celebrate our 25th anniversary. 

If it blooms, it’s on sale, everything from our vast assortment of perennials, annuals, crepe myrtles, hydrangeas, butterfly bush, Encore Azaleas, roses, honeysuckle, kerria, vitex, gardenia… everything that flowers is on sale at 25% off this weekend. It doesn’t even have to be in bloom now; if it flowers at any time of year, it is on sale this weekend. We have received another semi-load of plants this week (remember, I told you I was strange), so there are many new items to peruse. 

Come on out and save big on bloomers,

David Bates