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Archive date:  July 15, 2010

A Couple of Bricks Shy

Can’t remember what it is that I forgot

Let’s see…hmmm, I was about to say something, but it slipped my mind. It seems that is an all too familiar occurrence. I walk into a room for something, and I have no idea for what. Several years ago I became somewhat concerned about my memory. I spoke to my doctor about it. He assured me I had no real problem. He told me most people suffer from not being able to remember all the stuff they think they need to be able to recall…at least that’s what I think he said. He went on to say that our brains are not wired to handle all of the information that is thrown at us on a daily basis. I am a victim of the information age. I guess this is all just TMI: Too Much Information.

I have a theory. I believe all of our machines make us stupid. Before calculators, I could do all manner of math, in my head. Before cell phones, I could recall almost anyone’s phone number. Before MapQuest and GPS, I never needed directions (Renée might have a different view of that particular issue). We live in a digital world. Our clocks are digital. Does anyone understand the concept of counterclockwise anymore? “Uh, is that, like being smart enough to put a clock in the kitchen?” …So I admit; I’m a couple of bricks shy of a load. 

Perhaps you’re a couple of plants shy of gardening nirvana. We can help. This weekend we are offering our Bates Rewards members a great opportunity. Buy ONE, get ONE free is being offered Friday through Sunday. Buy any ONE item, get a second item of equal or lesser value FREE! The items can be a matched pair or they can be totally different, but it is only ONE. With the rain we’ve been getting, it’s a great time to take care of those “spots” in your landscape. The ground is much easier to dig now and our selection is great. Come on out this weekend, have some bottled water on us and take advantage of our Buy ONE, get ONE free. Maybe it’s time to get those Japanese maples you’ve had your eye on. It doesn’t even have to be plants, whatever goods we sell, excluding deliveries and gift cards. 

Don’t forget Groupons are still welcome, just not with the sale items; see you this weekend!

David Bates