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Archive date:  July 23, 2010

Hit ‘n Miss

Rain’s wonderful for some, not so much for others

We frequently hear about “popcorn” thunderstorms. Pockets of thunderstorms often pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, simply due to the heat of summer. As morning sunshine warms the earth, the air above warms, too. But, farther above the ground, typically above 40,000 feet, the air doesn't warm as quickly or as much. Consequently, the lower atmosphere becomes unstable. The warm air wants to rise and once it starts, it doesn't stop until it hits cooler air above it. 

The atmosphere percolates like an old coffee pot; thunderstorms build in the afternoon warmth. These single-cell storms are often called "popcorn thunderstorms" because they look from above like popped kernels of corn. Of course, they occur most often here in the sticky South. 

Since these storms tend to be quite scattered, there can often be an inequity of precipitation around the area. Here at the nursery, we got nearly an inch and a half of rain in 45 minutes. My home in west Nashville, eight miles as the crow flies, got zilch.

We battle-hardened gardeners know better than to depend on Mother Nature, nothing against MomNat, but we know better than to put all of our precipitation eggs into her basket. Watering at any time of day is preferable to blaming lack of moisture on the weather. Watering early in the morning or evening is less susceptible to evaporation. One other really important aspect is that it is much easier on the waterer. A comparatively cool gardener is more patient at watering, and therefore does a more thorough job.

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David Bates