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Archive date:  July 29, 2010

Last Call for Trimming, Y’all

Discount by the Date EXTENDED, Procrastination Ending Nears

If you have looked over your landscape and have intended to do trimming this summer, the last great opportunity for 2010 is nigh. It’s not that you can’t trim beyond the end of July, it just gives the plants you are trimming a chance to push out new growth, mature and harden off before the freezes of fall. That’s right; I said it, the freezes of fall. Hard to conceive the notion of freezing temperatures in July, but trust me, they will return as surely as I return to the freezer, for seconds of sorbet.

While you’re trimming, it is a great time to put out Espoma organic fertilizer. Unlike chemical fertilizers, organics won’t burn or over feed plants. It will greatly help the new growth that follows to be lush and green (or whatever color it is suppose to be). You should avoid trimming early spring flowering plants severely now; it won’t hurt them, but there is a really good chance you will get little or no flowers next season. 

I have been meaning to mention our new neighbors, The Mansion at Fontanel and their many attractions to our lovely Whites Creek area. In addition to The Mansion, there is: The Trails, The Woods (a 2500 person capacity outdoor music venue), The Stone House visitor center and my personal favorite, The Farm, their 140 seat restaurant features wonderful country-style cooking and breakfast all day. Fontanel is less than one mile past the nursery, on the right. Look for their new billboard at exit 19 on Briley Parkway to Whites Creek Pike. Check out their website: www.fontanelmansion.com for complete details. When you come by to see us, I highly recommend planning for a dining treat while you’re in the area. Yum!

And due to numerous requests, we have extended our Discount by the Date Sale. Friday and Saturday you will receive 30 and 31% discounts, respectively and on Sunday you will get, not 1%, but 32% off everything. Additionally, we will offer discounts, Monday through Thursday of 33% off! And as you would expect, we have received another shipment of quality plants from Imperial Nurseries of Connecticut. Usual exclusions apply; not valid for gift cards or deliveries and cannot be used in conjunction with Groupons.

It’s time for summer savings and a visit to our friends at Fontanel,

David Bates