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Archive date:  August 13, 2010

It is, what it is…

A study of clichés and our 50/50 Sale

Since football is upon us all, I figure it’s time for a refresher course in clichés. Clichés are used so frequently in sports, as well in the every-day vernacular, we hardly notice them. So let’s open up some passing lanes in our landscape to air it out more; we’ve got to take care of the landscape and just go out and execute.

Even though it is not yet fall, you may need to get in to your hurry-up offense for your gardens. You don’t want to be forced into trying to milk the clock for every opportunity to dig in the dirt, at the end of the season.

You need shrubbery and you’ve got to take it to the house. You have a landscape design in place and you’re gonna stick to your game plan. You don’t want to be like your neighbors, they throw their game plan out the window every year.

A hedge is needed between you and your neighbors. When you inquire as to the exact location of the property line, a surveyor says it is where the soccer ball is lying. It all depends on where he spots the ball. The surveyor and neighbors are marching down the field; this is the deepest penetration towards their goal. Wanting a privacy hedge, you want perhaps a half-dozen plants. You want to come away with six here, but the neighbors are making plays on both sides of the ball and you have to settle for three. Even though you’re playing with a short field, you really need to come away with some points when you’re this close.

Now let’s see if you can orchestrate a comeback. Get back to the front yard where you’ve got some room to operate. You are trying to dig in and defend your goal, but when you pull your shovel out of the ground, mud sticks to it and won’t come off, so you have to pound it out on the ground. Even after hours of digging, you could have driven a truck through that hole, but you ran out of real estate and couldn’t turn the corner.

The surveyor had one extra point to make, but he became infatuated with the neighbors. At first, it seemed they’re just exchanging pleasantries, now it looks as though we’ve got some extra-curricular activity. The surveyor made an ill-advised pass and he’d like to have that one back. He telegraphed that pass, into double coverage no less. Just then, the surveyor heard footsteps. He shook off several would-be tacklers. After he got a step on the defenders, it became a game of field position. I’m not sure this one will be coming back; he won’t be knocking on the door anytime soon. That missed extra point could come back to haunt him.

So I invite you to get happy feet, come out and see us early; you’ll have all kinds of time, all the time in the world and you may need it for our 50/50 SALE. We have at least 50 different items (call for details) all priced at 50% off. The only limit is what we have available. Take a moment and look over the 50/50 Sale sheet; don’t be blind-sided. Sale runs from Friday August 13, 2010 to Thursday August 19, 2010 or while supplies last. 

Come on out to Bates, we’re right on the money with our 50/50 Sale! Free Bottled water and Gatorade® in the perennial area. After all, it is what it is…

Sorry I got long-winded this week,

David Bates